The complete open source software development environment for the creation of Linux devices. Design, develop, build, debug, and test a platform tailored to your device.

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Features & Benefits

With the Yocto Project's Poky platform builder you can:


Design a platform to suit your device, rather than the other way around, by building on a fully optimized stack tailored to the device with many pre-configured and packaged software components available.


Integration with the Eclipse IDE means painless cross target application development. Automatic SDK and cross compiler generation will allow you to easily enable third party application development for your device.


Create ready-to-install filesystem images and individual application packages that provide incremental updates and reduce the need for error-prone reflashing. Cut down the development cycle with fast multithreaded builds.


Debug applications running on the device with remote GDB support. Find the hotspots in your system, from the kernel to application level, using OProfile, without the need for recompilation or kernel patches.


QEMU integration allows easy testing of images and applications even without a target device. Catch routine and system level bugs with continuous build and integration testing.


The Poky build system has a growing open community backed up by development from the Yocto Project.

To learn more about the Yocto Project and the Poky build system, read The Yocto Project Quick Start or visit the Yocto Project website. To get the latest release of the Yocto Project, go to the Download tab on the site. If you hit a bug or have questions, then visit the Community tab on the Yocto Project website to find out about the growing Poky community.